Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 11 and 12

Day 11 - Someone You Talked To Today

This past weekend has been really hard for Matt and I.  His old business partnerr of 5 years, and really good friend passed away in a snowmobile accident on Friday.

After working so closely with someone, and being together everyday, and then suddenly loosing them is harder on us then we realized it would be.

His wife, Lara, now has 4 young children to raise on her own.  The oldest is turning 8 in a few months, and the youngest is almost 1.

Needless to say, my heart has been breaking.  On Sunday Matt and I were able to go and visit with her.  I am so grateful to have friends in my life who are so strong.  She is a rock.  I was amazed at how she was able to share her testimony with us, and comfort us as we morned for the loss of her husband.  

I'm so grateful to the Halls.  I'm grateful for all the experiences that we had together - the good and the bad.  We will miss Steve.  Thank you Lara for sharing your husband with us these past 5 years.

Day 12- Fork

Today was my 13 year wedding anniversary.  The kids had swimming tonight that I was supposed to drive for, it was going to be a crazy evening.  So I told Matt that I would just make him dinner at home.  But as I thought about things, I realized that sometimes the kids need to be put on hold, and my relationship with my husband needs to come first.

So I switched driving days, and Matt and I went out.

We went to Lethbridge to a new restaurant.  Sagineese.  (I know that I spelt that wrong)
It was good, and fun to be together.  

I feel like I can't take my husband  for granted.  Life is just too short.

Thank you Matt for spending 13 years with me.
I love you more today, then I did when I married you.


  1. Happy anniversary! 13 Years! You spent your summer vacation hiking and camping with us in Alaska 13 summers ago, and now we are going to spend another week hiking and camping the WCT the summer after your 13th! Only Kadie will be in the tent with you this time instead of Holly.

  2. Tough, tough week. I'm glad you took some time to celebrate your marriage! Love you guys!