Thursday, November 17, 2011

Making Buns

Today I needed something to do to entertain Marlie and Nixon while everyone else was at school.  I decided that it would be fun to make some buns with them.  It all started out great, until I turned my back to Nixon.  While I was distracted with something else, he decided to crack an egg, on Marlie's knee...

She really wasn't happy about it!

Nix thought it was great!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Thank goodness another Halloween has come and gone!

There was a LOT of debating as to what everyone would be!  I thought it would be a great idea for everyone to find something in the dress up box to put on, so that I wouldn't have to spend money on costumes that never get worn again.  But they all had other plans. 

Spencer just HAD to be a ninja!  He begged and pleaded for me to buy him a ninja costume.  I finally gave in.  Then he begged and pleaded for me to buy him a ninja double blade sword!  I told him no, and bought the dollar store sword.  He wore His costume to school, minus the sword, because "no weapons at school".  He then came home and took it off, and wore an old pumpkin costume trick-or-treating, because his ninja costume was annoying!!  There goes $15.00 down the drain!

Chase saw Spencer's ninja costume, and he HAD to be a ninja too.  And he told me that he would buy his own ninja double blade sword with his own money!  oh brother!  We went back to the store to buy another ninja costume, but they were sold out.  So I asked if he wanted to be a pirate again.  He agreed to when we found the beard and mustache, pirate hat, eye patch, and earring at the dollar store.  On the way to school the wind blew off his mustache and beard, never to be seen again!  He went trick-or-treating with a friend from school.  He thought it would be so great to go with a friend, I think he did have fun, but he also realized that it is fun to go with his dad too.  Matt takes trick-or-treating pretty serious!  Chase didn't get nearly as much candy as he normally does.  Not that I'm complaining about that!

Kadie really wanted to be Medusa this year for Halloween.  She has been talking about it for a couple weeks, so I decided to figure out how to make a Medusa costume.  I envisioned a crown of some sort with snakes sticking out everywhere, but the only snakes I could find were jelly ones at the dollarstore.  I tried to glue them to wire, to make them stick out, but the glue wouldnt stick to the snakes.  In the end we just tied floss around them and tied them to a big elastic, and they just hung down her hair.  Definatly not what we had in mind, but she agreed to it.  I also had to make her a dress of some sort.  We agreed to a toga type dress, modest of course with sleeves.  I hate sewing, and my mom was out of town, so unfortunatly I was on my own to figure out this costume.  I had one white sheet to work with.  I didnt want to make any mistakes, and ruin my one sheet, so I did what any normal parent would do, I made a practice outfit for Barbie.  It worked pretty good on Barbie, so I sewed up the same costume for Kadie.  She was happy with it, and she looked pretty cute!

I saw a gypsy costume online, and decided that Marlie would make a cute gypsy!  I was right, she looked so cute, and was proud as could be!  Matt took the kids out trick-or-treating, and then came home when Nixon was done.  A friend of mine had homemade doughnuts that she was passing out, so I took Mars, Spenc, and Chase over there.  We decided to do her whole street while we were there.  At the first house, Marlie started limping and saying, ouch ouch ouch.  I asked what was wrong with her feet, and saw that she wasnt wearing shoes!!!  What was she thinking?  I made her still walk to all the houses on her own.

Nixon did NOT want to dress up.  Here's me trying to get the pumpkin costume on him (yes this is the same costume that Spenc ended up wearing!) to go to the school costume parade, but he would NOT wear it!  I was really worried about later that night.  He did end up wearing his Knight costume that Gma Evans gave him for his b-day.  He looked cute, but I didnt get any pictures.

We all had a fun day.  For supper I made jell-o worms, and mummy dogs.  I figure that Halloween night is too crazy buisy and rushed to force my kids to eat something healthy!  The kids thought it was pretty fun!