Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bath Time - Not Nap Time

So I put Marlie in the tub last night. I left her there to play, just like I always do, and after about 10 minutes I went up to check on her. This is what I found. She was Sound Asleep!!!

I quickly grabbed my camera, and took a picture. I had to hurry because her face kept bobbing under the water. It really was funny, but a little scary. Does this make me an irresponsible parent?

Headlines Don't Sell Pape's; Newsies Sell Pape's

My kids are Newsies!!

Does that mean that they go into the middle of the street and yell, scream and dance to sell their papers? No, they quietly go door to door and slip them into mailboxes. Its not as glamorous as it is in the movies!

Kadie and Chase have seen signs all over town advertising paper routes, and they asked, and asked to do it. I thought it would be a good experience for them to save money, and have a little responsibility. So we got them each a paper route. They absolutely love it!

The deal was that they had to put half of their hard earned money into a bank account (about $25 each/month), and after paying tithing, they could spend the rest of their money how ever they want. That being said, I hate it when they spend their money! If they want to go to the store and buy candy or gum, I just cringe inside! But Matt tells me that I need to let them learn. They really are good, for the most part.

Chase just spent $35 on roller blades. He was so excited to spend a little of his money, and he has wanted roller blades for quite a while now. So far Kadie has just saved all her money. (that's my girl!) She was saving up for a Gecko, but she got one for her b-day, so now she needs to think of something else to buy.

So far the paper route has been a success, we'll see how it goes this winter in -30 degree weather...

Welcome To The Blogging World!

So I'm finally doing it. Starting a blog. It probably won't interest another living sole on this earth, but I'm doing it for my own journal purposes.
I'm just a regular person, living a regular life. So that's what I'll be blogging about, just regular, ordinary things... don't expect too much!