Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Evans Update.

Here's a quick update on whats been happening around here.

Kadies school choir sang in the Cardston Music Festival.  She was pretty excited to go and sing, especially because Haylie and Micah were singing with their choir too!  They did great!  After Kadies choir was able to stay and eat lunch with the Magrath, and Cardston kids.  Sounds like they had a pretty fun day!

Kadie also played in the grade 5/6 school b-ball league.  The girls all did so great.  Some of them had played before, and some of them were just beginners.  Matt was the team coach, and I was a bit nervous for him when the organizer said, "This is just a fun league, but remember it is Raymond..."

Matt's Grandma invited me and Kadie to go and watch the High school Show Choir.  We weren't able to sit together, but we all had a lot of fun! It was fun to watch the kids singing and dancing around.  Kadie is really excited for High School so she can be part of that!  I like going on dates with Kadie!

For Easter we went out to my moms house and had an Wiener roast at the river.  We rolled eggs down the hill, and did a egg hunt.  The kids all had a BLAST!  I love doing things with my kids, that I loved to do as a kid.  But it would have been way more fun to me if I hadn't been so sick!!

Matt's really excited that the motorbike season has started.  He loves that we live just 5 minutes from the track.  Nixon absolutely loves it when dad gives him rides on the big bike. 

I came home the other day to this:

Last night Spencr lost his first top tooth.  I think he looks so cute!!


  1. It sounds like you guys are settling right in in Ray-town! That basketball "fun league" comment is classic! Hilarious!

  2. haha i cant stop laughing at marlies picture! and i wish i could have heard kadie sing! or seen her play basket ball! nothing better than a toothless grin!

  3. why on earth was mar dressed like that????
    and why didn't you ever invite me to kadie's games?? i totally would have come watch!

  4. I too am laughing out loud at Marlie's picture. What's up with that?

  5. Oh man, Spencer looks SO grown up like that!

  6. Wow, to see Matt in Dad's place in the picture is so great! And never forget-no matter where you live-it is NEVER just for fun (when you are an Evans).